125 - Assistant Marketing Officer | Link REIT - 領展 | Salary/人工

Record ID 125
Industry/行業 Property & Property Management - 地產 & 物業管理
Company/公司 Link REIT - 領展
Location/地區 Hong Kong/香港
Experience/經驗 0 year/年 (Fresh Grad)
Year/在職年份 2020
Monthly Salary (HKD Equivalent, before tax)/月薪 (稅前港幣價值) $13000
Bonus (HKD Equivalent, before tax)/花紅 (稅前港幣價值) $
Double Pay/雙糧
Annual Leaves/年假 14 days/日
Medical Insurance/醫保
Average Working Hours/平均工作時數 hrs/小時
Education Level/教育程度
Duties/工作內容 Proofread report, contact vendor
Remarks/備註 Little support from the supervisor. i had nothing to do 99% of the time. The supervisor seemed to be always busy and wouldn’t assign me anything because i was a fresh grad and didn’t know how things work.
Job Application Url/職位申請連結