HKEC210440 Patient Care Assistant II(Occupational Therapy), Hong Kong Hospital Authority

Company/Organisation: Hong Kong Hospital Authority

Post Date: 19/4/2021

Job Title: Patient Care Assistant II(Occupational Therapy)

Staff Group: Clerical, Secretarial and Supporting

Reference Number: HKEC210440

Job Type: Full Time

Location: Hong Kong East Cluster-Ruttonjee %26 Tang Shiu Kin Hospitals

Description: Office : Department of Occupational Therapy Ruttonjee & Tang Shiu Kin Hospitals / Hong Kong East Cluster Pay : HK$17,888 - HK$22,357 per month (see Remarks 1, 4) Key Responsibilities Assist therapists to prepare and carry out treatment programs and educational activities for patients. Assist in setting up and assembly of equipment and prepare patients for assessment and treatment. Carry out specific patient assessment and investigation. Provide technical assistance and observation during care process/examination procedures. Provide technical assistance in the production of splints, pressure garments and assistive devices for patients. Perform independent operation of computers, word and data processing. Assist in the preparation of computerized, visual and written training materials, audio-visual aids and software installation for patient education and rehabilitation activities. Assist in teaching computer skills for patients education and work rehabilitation. Perform triage, out-patient registration, appointment booking, receptionist duties and handle patient enquiries. Manage patient record system and retrieve patient data from in-house computer systems. Collect, verify and compile statistics. Assist in inventory control and procurement process. Clean and sterilize equipments, apparatus, instruments, containers and working areas. Perform procedures and maintain documentation to comply with the requirement for quality, safety, occupational health & environmental protection. Perform other duties as assigned by supervisors. Entry Requirements 1. (a) Completed F.3 / S.3 or equivalent with care-related experience; or (b) Completed F.5 / S.5 or equivalent; AND 2. Completion of structured departmental training (see Remarks 4); AND 3. Able to read and write Chinese and English and speak fluent Cantonese. Preferable Attributes/Exposure 1. Knowledge and skills in woodwork or metal work or industrial sewing machine or design. 2. Holding certificate(s) related to metalwork, woodwork, tailoring, sewing craft, computer, electrical, electronic or other technical aspects in an appropriate trade or be able to furnish evidence. 3. Knowledge in computer applications including MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Chinese word processing, and simple multimedia programs (e.g. Flash or similar software). 4. Interested to work in hospital with patients. Remarks For Serving Staff 1. The selected candidate will be offered either contract or fixed term appointment for 1-3 years depending on his/her existing employment terms. The offer of salary for serving employees upon changes in appointment will be determined based on the remuneration package / employment terms of the staff concerned and prevailing policies. For External Applicants 2. Appointment will be on contract terms for 1-3 years. 5% of total basic salary as end-of-contract gratuity may be offered upon completion of contract with satisfactory performance. 3. Retiring / retired HA staff who wish to continue working for HA after their normal retirement may also apply. If selected, the terms and conditions of employment will be offered in accordance with prevailing policies of the Retired and Rehire Mechanism of HA. For All Applicants 4. Applicants who do not meet entry requirement (2), if find suitable, will be employed to undergo at least 6 months’ on the job training including the structured departmental training. During the training period, the staff will be appointed as Patient Care Assistant IIIA at a monthly salary of HK$14,958 to provide service and to receive the training. After the training period of at least 6 months and passing the end of training examination / assessment on skills and performance, the staff will be appointed as Patient Care Assistant II at a monthly salary of HK$17,888. Employment may be terminated if the selected applicant cannot pass the examination / assessment after training. 5. Required to work shifts and irregular hours, during typhoons, rainstorms and other emergencies. 6. Required to wear uniform, N-95 mask and other personal protective devices if needed. 7. May be required to work in another work location to meet service needs of the HA. 8. The renewal/extension of appointment will be subject to service needs and job performance. 9. Please submit on-line application on or before 2 May 2021 . For enquiries, please telephone 2595 5863.