KEC/U073/21 Scientific Officer (Medical), Pathology, Hong Kong Hospital Authority

Company/Organisation: Hong Kong Hospital Authority

Post Date: 16/4/2021

Job Title: Scientific Officer (Medical), Pathology

Staff Group: Allied Health

Reference Number: KEC/U073/21

Job Type: Contract Full-time

Location: Kowloon East Cluster-United Christian Hospital

Description: Rank: Scientific Officer (Medical) Office: Pathology Department, United Christian Hospital Pay: HK$56,618 to HK$131,423 per month (including Monthly Allowance) [HGPS point 25-44] (Please see Remarks 2) Key Responsibilities The Scientific Officer (Medical) shall be responsible to the Chief of Service / Consultant Pathologist in performing the following duties: Primary Duties 1. Test development and research. 2. Quality assurance. 3. In-house training for technical staff and junior Medical and Health Officers. 4. Contribute to service provision and signing out of laboratory reports in some specialties. Complementary and Supportive Duties 1. Participate in the management of laboratory. 2. Assess new equipment and technology which may be applied to HA. 3. Advise clinicians on appropriate tests to perform and interpretation of results. Entry Requirements Either one of the following qualifications: 1.(a) A Master’s degree in clinical science subject from a local university or equivalent. (b) A degree in an appropriate subject related to the sub-specialties in Pathology from a local university or equivalent and 2 years’ experience. Preferred Attributes / Exposure 1. At least 5 years work experience in Molecular Pathology. 2. At least 2 years hands-on experience on advanced sequencing technology. 3. Knowledge in analysis of next-generation sequencing data and bioinformatics. 4. Liaison skills for clinical problems and analytical sciences. 5. Creativity 6. Commitment to patient care in planning laboratory services. 7. Leadership. 8. Interpersonal skills.