KEC/T042/21 Patient Care Assistant II (Physiotherapy (Integrated Rehabilitation Services) Department), Hong Kong Hospital Authority

Company/Organisation: Hong Kong Hospital Authority

Post Date: 1/4/2021

Job Title: Patient Care Assistant II (Physiotherapy (Integrated Rehabilitation Services) Department)

Staff Group: Clerical, Secretarial and Supporting

Reference Number: KEC/T042/21

Job Type: Contract Full-time

Location: Kowloon East Cluster-Tseung Kwan O Hospital

Description: Office: Physiotherapy (Integrated Rehabilitation Services) Department, Tseung Kwan O Hospital Pay: HK$17,888 to HK$22,357 per month (see Remarks 4) Key Responsibilities: 1. Assist physiotherapists to carry out patient screening, education, treatment and training. 2. Provide technical assistance to physiotherapist in operating medical & rehabilitation equipment and data input. 3. Maintain operation of patient care and rehabilitation facilities. 4. Clean, disinfect and maintain equipment, instruments and accessories. 5. Carry out duties as assigned by supervisors Entry Requirements: 1. Completed F.5/S.5 or equivalent. 2. Completed on-the-job training for Physiotherapy Assistant in any Physiotherapy Department under Hospital Authority (See remarks 4). Preferred Attributes/Exposure: 1. Able to read and understand simple English, fluency in Cantonese and written Chinese. 2. Basic computer skills and knowledge. 3. Good communication and interpersonal skills. 4. Working experience in health care setting 5. Matured, caring and interested in human interactions.