KWC132/21 Contract Part-time Advanced Practice Nurse (General) - Central Nursing Division, Hong Kong Hospital Authority

Company/Organisation: Hong Kong Hospital Authority

Post Date: 17/3/2021

Job Title: Contract Part-time Advanced Practice Nurse (General) - Central Nursing Division

Staff Group: Nursing

Reference Number: KWC132/21

Job Type: Full Time

Location: Kowloon West Cluster-Princess Margaret Hospital

Description: Pay HK$5 7 ,728 to HK$80, 518 (HGPS point 26 to 33A) per month (including Monthly Allowance) [To be pro-rated based on the total package and work pattern for a full-time Advanced Practice Nurse (General) depending on the work hours.] (see Remarks 1) Key Responsibilities Lead and conduct a training program for Patient Care Assistants (PCA). Develop program contents and teaching activities. Provide lectures and conduct teaching activities to PCA learners. Act as a resource and referral agent on clinical expertise. Coach PCA learners and assess their performances during clinical practicum. Provide counselling for PCA learners on academic and clinical practice related matters. Monitor the progress of post-counseling follow up work for PCA learners. Liaise with ward staff in monitoring PCA learners’ care performance. Assist in other teaching activities and administrative work in T&D, CND. Participate in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of the PCA training program and other program in T&D, CND. Entry Requirements 1. Holder of a valid Registered Nurse (Part I) practicing certificate issued by the Nursing Council of Hong Kong. 2. Qualification in advanced nursing specialty *. 3. A degree in Nursing or equivalent. 4. 5 years or more post-registration experience in healthcare, of which at least 3 years is in the related specialty. * Qualification in advanced nursing specialty refers to recognized post-registration certificate, or post-graduate certificate/diploma course in nursing specialty, or Master in nursing or related discipline with considerable coverage on a relevant nursing specialty. Preferred Attributes / Exposure 1. Demonstrated competency requirements and leadership ability of an APN. 2. Master degree in nursing or related discipline. Remarks 1. Working for 32 hours per week. 2. Appointment will be on contract part-time terms for an initial period of 1 year. Up to 15% of total basic salary as end-of-contract gratuity (after deducting the contribution of Mandatory Provident Fund by Hospital Authority) may be offered subject to satisfactory completion of contract. 3. Required to work shifts or perform on-call duties. 4. Required to wear uniform. 5. Free overnight accommodation provided for shift duties. 6 . Selected candidate will be posted to Princess Margaret Hospital and may be required to work in another work location to meet service needs of the HA. 7. Please submit on-line application on or before 31 March 2021 .For enquiries, please telephone 2990 4163 or 2 990 4175 .