NTE2103045 Patient Care Assistant II (Various Pathology Departments), Hong Kong Hospital Authority

Company/Organisation: Hong Kong Hospital Authority

Post Date: 10/3/2021

Job Title: Patient Care Assistant II (Various Pathology Departments)

Staff Group: Clerical, Secretarial and Supporting

Reference Number: NTE2103045

Job Type: Full Time

Location: New Territories East Cluster

Description: Pay HK$17,888 - HK$22,357 per month (see Remarks 4) Key Responsibilities 1. Specimen reception including sorting, labeling, registration of clinical specimens received and centrifuging and aliquoting plasma or serum from specimens; packaging specimens for despatching; and assisting in test procedures such as sample preparation for sample analysis, bacterial cultures, tissue section preparation, etc. 2. Need to operate autoclave, automatic stainer and coverslipper, automatic slide labeller, and other simple equipment such as centrifuge, water-bath, safety cabinet, electronic balance, pre- and post- analytical system for sample handling under supervision of medical laboratory technicians or technologists. 3. Need to handle blood, urine, stool, sputum and other patient specimens, including organs, tissues, and body parts. 4. Prepare specimen bottles, reagents, cleaning agents, culture media and sterile items for laboratory use, and perform basic maintenance of minor equipment, filtering of reagents and stains, etc. 5. Assist in the reception of blood products from Red Cross. 6. Routine laboratory work such as decontamination of contaminated equipment, instruments, apparatus and utensils, cleaning of laboratory benches. 7. Storage and filing of specimens, tissue blocks and slides, and safe disposal of clinical and chemical wastes. 8. Need to work with irritant chemicals and inflammable including formalin, xylene and alcohol. 9. Need to operate computer in English medium. 10. Record instrument data such as taking fridge temperature. 11. Assist department in receiving goods and store management. 12. Require to do manual handling work. 13. Answer telephone calls. 14. Other relevant duties as assigned by supervisor. 15. Need to take up 24-hr rotation duties in Blood Bank and 24-hr Core laboratory services. Entry Requirements 1. F.5 / S.5 or equivalent. 2. Completed structured departmental training (See Remarks 4) . 3. Able to read and write Chinese and English and speak fluent Cantonese. Preferred attributes 1. Knowledge in computer operation and PC applications including MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other MS Office applications. 2. Passes in 5 subjects in HKCEE including English Language (Syllabus B) and Chinese Language and Mathematics; OR 5 subjects in HKDSE attaining the level specified below: - Level 2 in English Language & Chinese Language & Mathematics; AND - Level 2 in New Senior Secondary Subjects / “Attained” in Applied Learning subjects (subject to a maximum of 2 subjects under this category) / Grade E in other Language subjects. 3. Interested to work in hospital with patients.

Link: https://ha.taleo.net/careersection/jobdetail.ftl?job=NTE2103045