KWC85/21 Clinical Psychologist (Clinical Psychology), Hong Kong Hospital Authority

Company/Organisation: Hong Kong Hospital Authority

Post Date: 26/2/2021

Job Title: Clinical Psychologist (Clinical Psychology)

Staff Group: Allied Health

Reference Number: KWC85/21

Job Type: Full Time

Location: Kowloon West Cluster

Description: Hospital : Kowloon West Cluster Pay : HK$56,618 – HK$131,423 (HGPS Point 25 to 44) per month (including Monthly Allowance) [See Remarks item 2] Key Responsibilities: 1. Conduct comprehensive psychological assessments on patients. 2. Undertake psychological treatment of patients. 3. Provide advice to other health care professionals. 4. Provide education on applied psychology. 5. Conduct research in areas relevant to clinical work. Entry Requirements: 1. A Master’s or Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from a local university; or equivalent. (a) Grade E in English Language (Syllabus B) and Chinese Language in the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination, or equivalent. OR (b) Level 2 in English Language and Chinese Language in the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education, or equivalent. 2. Fluency in written English and Chinese as well as spoken English and Cantonese. Preferred Attributes / Exposure: 1. Experience and interest in serving patients across various age groups in General Medical, Psychiatry or Community Settings. 2. Possess the following preferred attributes: - Communication skill - Empathy - Commitment to patient care - Leadership - Interpersonal skills - Analytical thinking Remarks: For HA Serving Staff 1. The selected candidate will be offered either contract or fixed term appointment up to 3 years depending on his/her existing employment terms. Serving contract employee will be offered contract employment with up to 15% total basic salary (after deducting the contribution of Mandatory Provident Fund by Hospital Authority) as end-of-contract gratuity, subject to satisfactory completion of the contract. Serving permanent employee will be offered a fixed term appointment after which the employee may be reverted back to his/her former substantive rank. 2. The offer of salary and allowance (Cash Allowance, Fixed-flexi Allowance or Monthly Allowance) for serving employees upon changes in appointment will be determined based on the remuneration package/ employment terms of the staff concerned and prevailing policies. For External Applicants 3. Selected candidate will be offered contract term appointment up to 3 years . Up to 15% of total basic salary (after deducting the contribution of Mandatory Provident Fund by Hospital Authority) as end-of-contract gratuity may be offered upon completion of contract with satisfactory performance. 4. Retiring / retired HA staff who wish to continue working for HA after their normal retirement may also apply. If selected, the terms and conditions of employment will be offered in accordance with prevailing policies of the Retired and Rehire Mechanism of HA. For All Applicants 5. May be required to work shift and irregular hours as well as to perform on-call duties. 6. May be required to wear N-95 mask and Personal Protective Equipment when discharging duties. 7. Applicants who are expected to graduate from the Master’s or Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology in 2021 may also apply. If selected, their appointment will be subject to their having satisfied all the appointment requirements. 8. Selected candidate will be posted to the Kowloon West Cluster and may be required to work in another work location to meet service needs of the HA. Please submit application on or before 12 .3 .2021 . For enquiries, please telephone 2990 4170 or 2990 4171.