KWC90/21 Physiotherapist I (Physiotherapy), Hong Kong Hospital Authority

Company/Organisation: Hong Kong Hospital Authority

Post Date: 22/2/2021

Job Title: Physiotherapist I (Physiotherapy)

Staff Group: Allied Health

Reference Number: KWC90/21

Job Type: Full Time

Location: Kowloon West Cluster-Princess Margaret Hospital

Description: Hospital : Princess Margaret Hospital Pay : HK$55,133 - HK$80,518 (HGPS Point 25 to 33A) per month including Monthly Allowance [See Remarks item 2 ] Key Responsibilities: I. Primary Function To provide physiotherapy intervention and supervision in support of department operation. Be the team co-ordinator to ensure communication and service quality at department level. II. Key Result Areas/Job Description 1. Patient Care Process In addition to PT II’s, a) Perform and supervise the delivery of timely and effective physiotherapy in both general & special clinical settings. b) Act as a clinical expert in the specialty to provide clinical consultation or intervention with advanced knowledge and skill(s). c) Facilitate the development and implementation of treatment guidelines, protocols and patient care process in physiotherapy service. 2. Resources Management (Service Planning & Development) a) Act as a functional head for a specialty to monitor daily operation and productivity of the team. b) Collect, organize and evaluate clinical information for direct patient care, service efficiency and clinical research. c) Assist in identification and optimal use of available resources to meet department objectives and goals. d) Assist SPT in resource management such as manpower planning, equipment maintenance & inventory, recurrent budgeting & stock taking. e) Act as an expert and advisor in the specialty development at department level. 3. Quality & Risk Management a) Co-ordinate the development of treatment protocols, clinical guidelines and procedures within scope of own expertise and based on best current evidence based professional practice. b) Initiate and co-ordinate quality improvement and risk management to improve work process and service outcomes. c) Ensure performance of the unit / sub-specialty complies with legal requirements, occupational safety and health requirements, policies, procedures and practice standards. 4. Knowledge and Skills a) Coach and demonstrate good role modeling of professional and ethical conducts in all job-related activities. b) Represent as team leader to establish rapport, form collaboration and partnership with other disciplines to assure inter- and intra-professional teamwork in quality patient care. c) Contribute to the formulation of evidence–based practice of the specialty for clinical research and service improvement. d) Support and collaborate team members with effective management skill in problem solving and decision making. e) Responsible for effective intra- and inter- team communications. 5. Training & Development a) Establish own specialty profile based on an extensive clinical experience and post- graduated training. b) Active participation in continuous professional education to keep abreast of new knowledge, skill, intervention and administration to upgrade training and management skill. c) Organize and conduct intra- and inter- disciplinary in-service training or talks to colleagues especially on the specialized knowledge and skills. d) Direct delivery or coaching of staff on the clinical management of complex case pertaining to the specialty. e) Coach and transfer update specialized knowledge, skills and practice to colleagues for service development. f) Educate the physiotherapy students in the related clinical specialty when required. Entry Requirements: 1. A Master Degree or equivalent. 2. Be registered as a Physiotherapist in Part Ia of the Register of the Physiotherapists under the Supplementary Medical Professions Ordinance and have a valid Practicing Certificate issued by the Physiotherapists Board, Hong Kong. 3. Practice as a Physiotherapist II for at least 5 years and having relevant post-graduated experience in the specialized clinical area as required by the post. 4. Attended relevant post-graduated courses related to the specialized clinical area as required by the post. Preferred Attributes / Exposure: 1. Fluency in written English and Chinese as well as spoken English and Cantonese. 2. Communication skill. 3. Empathy. 4. Commitment to patient care. 5. Leadership. 6. Interpersonal skills. 7. Working experience in acute in-patient setting for more than 12 months Remarks: For Serving HA Staff The selected candidate(s) will be offered either contract or fixed term appointment up to 3 years depending on his/her existing employment terms. Serving contract employee will be offered contract employment with an up to 15% total basic salary (after deducting the contribution of Mandatory Provident Fund by Hospital Authority) as end-of-contract gratuity, subject to satisfactory completion of the contract. Serving permanent employee will be offered fixed term appointment after which the employee may be reverted back to his/her former substantive rank. The offer of salary and allowance (Cash Allowance, Fixed-flexi Allowance or Monthly Allowance) for serving employees upon changes in appointment will be made in accordance with prevailing policies. Serving Physiotherapist I may apply for transfer to this position subject to his/her meeting the entry requirements stipulated. If selected, candidate will retain his/her substantive rank and pay package upon lateral transfer to the post. Staff in the Physiotherapist grade who are on civil service terms will, if selected, be appointed under the Shadow Promotion Scheme. For External Applicants Appointment will be on contract terms up to 3 years , up to 15% of total basic salary (after deducting the contribution of Mandatory Provident Fund by Hospital Authority) as end-of-contract gratuity will be offered, subject to satisfactory completion of the contract. Retiring / retired HA staff who wish to continue working for HA after their normal retirement may also apply. If selected, the terms and conditions of employment will be offered in accordance with prevailing policies of the Retired and Rehire Mechanism of HA. For All Applicants May be required to work irregular hours. Selected candidate will be posted to Princess Margaret Hospital and may be required to work in another work location to meet service needs of the HA. Please submit a written proposal on ONE of the below program with not more than 1000 words via email to on or before 8 March 2021 . Late submission may not be considered. Service enhancement in Neurological Rehabilitation Service enhancement in Respiratory Care Applicants who have applied in response to VNCs KWC704/20 issued on 16 December 2020 and KWC34/21 issued on 19 January 2021 need not to re-apply as submitted application will be duly considered as the same exercise. Please submit application online on or before 8 March 2021 . For enquiries, please telephone 2990 4170 / 2990 4171.