1003 - Technical Director | WSP (Asia) Limited - 科進顧問(亞洲)有限公司 | Salary/人工

Record ID 1003
Industry/行業 Civil Engineering - 土木工程
Company/公司 WSP (Asia) Limited - 科進顧問(亞洲)有限公司
Department/部門 Project Management
Location/地區 Hong Kong/香港
Experience/經驗 15 year/年
Year/在職年份 2019
Monthly Salary (HKD Equivalent, before tax)/月薪 (稅前港幣價值) $73000
Bonus (HKD Equivalent, before tax)/花紅 (稅前港幣價值) $73000
Double Pay/雙糧
Annual Leaves/年假 15 days/日
Medical Insurance/醫保 Yes/有
Average Working Hours/平均工作時數 10 hrs/小時
Education Level/教育程度 Master/碩士
Duties/工作內容 Civil project management.
Remarks/備註 This is almost the highest grade for a professional staff (and relatively high-performers already) could reach in consultant, but the salary is just barely comparable to the starting salary of a fresh-chartered Govt. engineer. Same situation happens to many consultants as well. If you work for other disciplines like BS and EC, it will even be at least 10% lower. Not a good choice for a life-long career if you look for a well-paid job , given many responsibilities on shoulder on technical aspects & client relations, even not mentioning about internal duties and responsibilities like periodic financial review, BMS, team management and etc.
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