KCC2106026 Sterile Supplies Assistant, Hong Kong Hospital Authority

Company/Organisation: Hong Kong Hospital Authority

Post Date: 11/6/2021

Job Title: Sterile Supplies Assistant

Staff Group: Clerical, Secretarial and Supporting

Reference Number: KCC2106026

Job Type: Full Time

Location: Kowloon Central Cluster

Description: Position : Sterile Supplies Assistant Rank : Patient Care Assistant II Office : Department of Anaesthesiology and Operating Theatre Services, Kwong Wah Hospital Pay : HK$1 7 ,888 - HK$22,357 per month (Please note the Remarks 2, 5) Key Responsibilities 1. Count and check the used surgical instruments and accessories before decontamination process. 2. Undertake decontamination, washing and disinfection of used instruments and utensils by the use of appropriate machinery and washing cycles. 3. Hand wash certain types of instruments. 4. Operate, test and clean various types of sterilizer, washer-disinfector, ultrasonic cleaner, heat sealing machine, computer and report for any abnormality. 5. Monitor the critical parameters of sterilizer and wash-disinfector at the end of each functioning cycle. 6. Maintain the daily and periodical records of the related devices. 7. Perform manufacture / expiry date stamping on the sterilized goods. 8. Perform duties in surgical instruments and accessories care, including maintenance service, dismantling, cleansing, disinfection, drying, inspection, assembling, packing, sterilization and dispatching. 9. Perform duties in packing, sterilization and dispatching of linen packs and dressings. 10. Management of instrument stores (sterile / clean). 11. Inventory keeping of instrument, accessories and consumable and record keeping of department activities. 12. Co-ordinate with external suppliers and other hospital departments. 13. Perform any other duties as assigned by the supervisor. Entry Requirements 1. F.5/ S.5 or equivalent (see Remarks 1). 2. Possession of at least one of the following Certificates of Competency for Boilers & Pressure Vessels Ordinance based on duty requirements (see Remark 5 ): (a) Class III All Electrically Heated Boilers (including automatically controlled) and Steam Receivers; (b) Class V Special Purpose Boilers as Specified: Steam Heated Boilers only; (c) Class VI Steam Receivers; 3. Completion of structured departmental training (see Remark 5 ); 4. Good command of English and Chinese, written and spoken. Preferred Attributes 1. Experience in reprocessing operating theatre instruments. 2. Able to work independently, self-motivated, well-organized and be responsible. Remarks : For Serving HA Staff 1. Serving staff with F.3/ S.3 standard and 2 years’ care-related work experience may also be considered. 2. The selected candidate will be offered either contract or fixed term appointment for 1-3 years depending on his/her existing employment terms. The offer of salary for serving employees upon changes in appointment will be determined based on the remuneration package / employment terms of the staff concerned and prevailing policies. For External Applicants 3. Appointment will be on contract terms for 1-3 years. 5% of total basic salary as end-of-contract gratuity may be offered upon completion of contract with satisfactory performance. 4. Retiring / retired HA staff who wish to continue working for HA after their normal retirement may also apply. If selected, the terms and conditions of employment will be offered in accordance with prevailing policies of the Retired and Rehire Mechanism of HA. For All Applicants 5. Applicants who do not meet entry requirements (2), (3), if find suitable, will be employed to undergo at least 6 months’ on the job training including the structured departmental training and certified boiler / equipment sterilizer operation training. During the training period, they will be appointed as Patient Care Assistant II at a monthly salary of $1 7 , 888 . After the training period of at least 6 months and passing the end of training assessment on skills and performance, their monthly salary will be adjusted to $1 9 , 676 . 6. Employment may be terminated if the selected applicant cannot pass the assessment after training. 7. May be required to work in another work location to meet service needs of the HA. 8. Required to work shifts and irregular hours, during typhoons, rainstorms and other emergencies. 9. Required to wear uniform, N-95 mask and other personal protective devices if needed. 10. The renewal/extension of appointment will be subject to service needs and job performance. 11. Please submit on-line application on or before 24 June 2021 . For enquiries, please telephone 3506 8194.

Link: https://ha.taleo.net/careersection/jobdetail.ftl?job=KCC2106026