Financial director - Shenzhen Onxun Technology Co., Ltd - Hong Kong Island

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Job Description
Job Responsibilities:

  1. Formulate the company’s financial objectives, policies and operating procedures, and report to the general manager and the board of directors according to authorization.
  2. Establish and improve the organizational structure of the company’s financial system, set up positions, clarify responsibilities, ensure the quality of financial accounting information, reduce operating and management costs, ensure smooth information, and improve work efficiency.
  3. Make a financial description of the company’s business objectives, provide a basis for business management decisions, and regularly review and measure the company’s business risks, and take effective measures to prevent them.
  4. Establish and improve the company’s internal financial management and audit system and organize its implementation, and preside over the formulation of the company’s financial strategy, financial management and internal control.
  5. Coordinate the relationship between the company and government departments such as banks, industry and commerce, taxation, statistics, and auditing, to safeguard the company’s interests.
  6. Review financial statements and submit financial analysis and management reports. Participate in the analysis, demonstration and decision-making of investment projects. Tracking and analyzing various financial indicators, revealing potential operating problems and providing reference for decision-making by management authorities.
  7. Ensure the efficient operation of the company’s financial system. Organize and specifically promote the company’s annual business/budget planning procedures, including capital demand planning and normal operations.
  8. According to the company’s actual operating conditions, formulate effective financing strategies and plans, and use various financial means to ensure the company’s optimal capital structure.
  9. Complete other temporary tasks assigned by the board of directors and the general manager.
    Additional Information
    Career Level
    Years of Experience
    8 years
    Job Type
    Full Time
    Job Functions
    Management, Top Executives (CEO, CFO, CTO, GM, MD etc.)
    Company Overview
    Shenzhen Onxun Technology Co., Ltd

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